Matthew Allen Forestry is a 
forestry and tree contracting business working out of Stowmarket in Mid-Suffolk. We are one of the few firms in the region to undertake the full spectrum of forestry and tree work, and are passionate about both the practical challenges associated with tree work, as well as the science of forestry and the management of the wider countryside.

We provide our clients - who range from traditional rural estates, corporate and commercial property owners, farmers, private schools, churches, county and parish councils, small woodland owners, timber merchants, land agents, construction and civil engineering firms, and not least, domestic tree owners, with an excellent, professional, value-for-money service.

What do we do for our clients? Averaging out our activity over the last three years  our typical annual workload has involved:

·         Planting 5,000 trees.

·         Planting 2,000m of native hedging.

·         Felling 2,000 hoppus foot of oak timber.

·         Felling and extracting 500 m³ of firewood from coppice and woodland thinnings.

·         Managing 2,000 m³ of mechanical felling.

·         Clearing 20 acres of scrub back to farmland and/or for development.

·         Carrying our deer control over 6,000 acres for 8 different clients.

·         Direct sales and delivery of around 200m³ of firewood.

·         Herbicide applications to young trees planted on around 30 acres.

·         Ride / paddock mowing.

·         Sectional dismantling of an estimated 100 trees in confined spaces/ back gardens.

·         Winch assisted felling of an estimated 100 trees.

·         Writing woodland management plans, EWGS applications and felling licences for around 150 acres           of woodland annually.

·         Responding to 12 emergency call-outs/storm damage.

·         Supplying oak gate posts, carved solid wood benches and seats, and sawn timber to cabinet makers.

·         Ringing schedule 1 bird species chicks for the British Trust for Ornithology.

·         Numerous other projects.

Matthew Allen has a degree in Rural Land Management from Harper Adams University and a diploma in Forestry. He previously worked as a land agent involved in Estate Management and in the valuation and sale of woodlands and fisheries.

The business supports, through membership, The Countryside Alliance, Woodland Heritage, The Royal Forestry Society and The British Deer Society.

We are proud of the fact that we have never advertised; and constant recommendations and referrals are testament to our skill and abilities.