Deer & Wildlife Management

The UK population of deer is accepted as being the highest it has ever been for the past 1,000 years with damaging consequences for trees, woodland flora, agricultural crops and the welfare of the deer themselves.   Woodland and forestry is particularly affected with young trees needing to be protected with expensive fencing or shelters. Natural regeneration of seedlings and coppice regrowth is also seriously reduced, sometimes with the result that ancient coppice stools and woodland are being permanently lost and damaged.

Deer have no natural predators and it is important that their populations are managed. This usually means that they have to be 'culled' and it is important that the cull be carried out efficiently and humanely by people who understand exactly what they are doing.

We are members of The British Deer Society (, and have undertaken training in deer management (DSC I & II) and currently control the deer on 6,000 acres of farmland and woodland.

The deer management work is coordinated by Matthew and Jim Allen with assistance from Kevin Brooks. Please contact Jim Allen by email  if you have deer management requirements or if you are interested in purchasing stalking or venison.

We are also involved in The British Trust for Ornithology’s ringing program ( and our job entails climbing trees to access chicks which can then be counted, recorded and ringed. We have ringed numerous crossbills, hobbys, sparrowhawks, buzzards and owls. We also frequently install owl boxes and create habitat for insects, fungi, bats and birds by mimicking storm damage as we make dead trees safe.