Documents & Polices

We recognise that we operate in potentially dangerous environments and the activities we undertake have capacity to harm ourselves, others, property and the environment, and that we have a duty of care to carry out our activities with due consideration of this.

To that end we have various health & safety, environmental and equipment policies in place: staff are trained and experienced, equipment is well maintained and where necessary tested/inspected by independent parties, and all staff hold a current First Aid at Work Certificate.

We have previously undertaken projects in high risk environments such as the Channel Tunnel Freight Terminal, Felixstowe Docks, various road widening schemes and on construction sites, as well as in remote locations where we have to be self-sufficient, knowing that it is unlikely that the emergency services can respond. Much of our work is on Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and Ancient Woodland and over rivers and watercourses where extra care for the environment needs to be taken.

When required we are able to supply detailed method statements and risk assessments prior to commencement of works. Certificates of our Public Liability Insurance (£10 million), Employers Liability and Hired-In Plant Insurance, and our Health & Safety Policy and Environmental Policy can also be supplied.