Firewood is a green, efficient means of providing heating for many homes, and the current popularity for wood burners, aided by the increase in gas and oil prices, means that demand for firewood has grown considerably and is continuing to grow. Due to this, many new firewood suppliers have started up, often selling unseasoned or imported wood and often then have insufficient capacity to meet the year-round requirements of their clients.

We have been supplying firewood for over ten years and all of our firewood comes from our woodland operations throughout Suffolk. It is felled then left to season in cordwood lengths for 12 months before being split and barn stored throughout the summer ready for delivery the following winter. We are honest about the quality of our firewood and will only sell seasoned wood, fit-to-burn, unless otherwise stated. We also will only take on new customers if we are confident that we can continue to meet their future orders as well as that of our existing customers.

Firewood is sold by the loose cubic metre and is delivered in quantities of one to six cubic metres. Additionally, logs and kindling are available in nets to wholesale customers.

Which wood is best? All wood broadly has the same calorific value on a dry weight-for-weight basis, in fact softwoods, despite the common misconception, are marginally higher. We are able to supply any required size and species mix and our basic prices are:

 ·         1m3 hardwood suitable for open fires (no species prone to spitting)  £105.00
 ·         1m3 hardwood suitable for wood burners  (30% softwood)      £84.00
 ·         1m3 softwood        £65.00
 ·         Nets of kindling       £3.50

All prices inclusive of VAT at 5% and for delivery within IP14 loose tipped.

If you have your own wood from woodland management or tree felling please speak to us about the rates for hiring our tractor mounted hydraulic splitter or hiring our firewood processor.